Health Fitness / October 19, 2015 / By Marcus Gearhart

10 great fitness regimes for the fall season

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  • Warm up timings - Your warm up time needs to be increased compared to what it was in the summers. Add 15-20 minutes more to your warm up aerobics.
  • Water Consumption and liquid intakes – Drink not more than 2 glasses of water half an hour before you start jogging or running. Take small slips of water at intervals.
  • Stretching – You need to put in more effort for stretching workouts.
  • Warm showers – Warm showers are most recommended as they keep the body more flexible.
  • Lower Carbohydrates – A lower carbohydrate higher protein diet proves best results especially in this season.
  • Weight lifting – A strenuous weight lifting plan should be avoided and lessened to 50% and more time should be given to stretching.
  • Fibrous-diet – Fruits, vegetables, fresh juice consumption should be maintained.
  • Pushups and sit-ups – Pushups and sit-ups should be continued the way you were doing in the summers.
  • Timings – The overall timings should be reduced compared to the summer timings.
  • General diet – dairy product consumption should be increased which includes yogurt, cheese and milk.

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