Entertainment / May 25, 2016 / By Marcus Gearhart

5 awesome books to read this summer

Probably it is barely spring in few parts of the country, but we can still hope for the warmer days this summer. As I proceed further for the super duper awesome reading list for this summer, I would like you to check the summer shopping hacks, in case you are planning a shopping trip. The most comforting and relaxing way to spend the summers is a great book, couch and your preferred drink. This list, consist of books relating to every genre from cool relaxing to the reads that transform the reality into your wildest imagination. Let’s begin our journey to the utopia of books. Some Possible Solutions By Helen Philips: Helen Philips is known for the stories that are wickedly funny and razor sharp accurate. In this latest book, there are a bunch of stories that will force you to think about many “what-ifs” situations. The crisp story navigation and firm language command make “Some Possible Solutions” a spine-tingling read. possible solutions You can shop kindle at $12.99 and hard copy at $16.82 from Amazon. Rich And Pretty By Rumaan Alam: A Novel. This debut novels has fallen me hard. The author has done a particularly amazing job while defining the relation between two sisters like best friends. The story is following the track of two long-terms friends who are adjusting to their adult lives with a nuance of envy and their lingering deep affection for each other. I was astounded with the Rumaan abilities to depict the “girly relationship” with pitch-perfection. rich and pretty Get this book at concessional price by using Amazon coupon codes here. The Girl By Emma Cline: Epic debut alert! I have my eyes-dragging-mind-longing wait for this debut book from Emma Cline. After scoring a major deal and winning the Paris Review’s Plimpton Prize in 2014, Emma has numerous people waiting for her first novel. The story is brilliantly written with breaching perceptions and psychological inside. It’s a story about Evie, a coming of age girl who find affection and admiration for mesmerizing older girl (member of a cult group). Between all the intensifying obsessions, Evie is drawn to absurd violence. the girls The cover of "The Girl" is exceptionally mind-gorging. Invincible Summers by Alice Adams: Another compelling debut! Invincible Summers is a story revolving around four college graduate students, who after graduation are setting their feet in the real world. It is mostly about the general human behavior and how people keep their relations intact. "Invincible Summer" captures the perfect situation when things move out of the dreamy state and reality clung the claws. invincible summer The Hopefuls By Jennifer Close: From the author of the fanciful read “The girl in the white dress,” here comes another attention grabbing story of a young couple, emphasizes the light on the young wife who is sacrificing her cozy life for the sake of her husband. This woman is struggling with the new move for her husband political career. Jennifer has brutally capture the reality of the hustling political life in Washington DC with a twist of humor. the hopefuls Jennifer has portrait the relation of a couple and the real political aura of Washington DC. These are some of the most attention grabbing books that should be the topper on your list of reads for this summer. Enjoy!