Events / March 16, 2016 / By Veronica Carlson

5 biggest myths about St. Patrick’s Day

Just a day to go in St. Patrick’s Day and the celebrations are in a full swing. Have you bought your green shirt to take part in St. Patrick’s Day parade? Everything is on the point just waiting for the date to change. There are numerous myths related to St. Patricks Day, and the most of them are actually funny and pretty interesting. There are the 5 amusing myths from St. Patrick’s Day. Christianity is driven by St. Patrick in Ireland: This is what the common believe for observing St. Patrick’s Day. That he was the one who spread Christianity in Ireland. Well people, belief of Christ was first introduce by a bishop named “Palladius” who was sent by Pope Celestine (source:, meaning St. Patrick’s was not the one who actually introduce Christianity and there was a practicing community before his arrival. He kicked out all the snakes: To begin with, Ireland never had snakes like never ever. The cold water from melting glacier formed a boundary around Ireland like 2,000 years ago and snakes never made it to Ireland. According to National Geographic, snakes are the laziest one to colonize in new area and thus, this cold water has become the reason for snakes free Ireland, not St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s Day is all about partying: That’s exactly what we do now. Party till the last drop of beer, dancing, and singing. But before Americans invaded their own customs to this religious holiday, it was pretty decent, sober holiday and alcohol was basically ban. Umm… That’s right guys, pubs used to stay closed. And now it’s totally different. Leprechaun are the main character for St. Patrick’s Day: Oh, this is like the most miss-understood and misconnected myth. These tiny magical creature are nothing but some Irish fantasy. The only reason Leprechaun are connected to St. Patrick’s Day because of Irish history. It’s a really big deal in Ireland: Well flocks be ready to get your childhood destroyed, the myth that Irish take this holiday very seriously is wrong. Yes, there is public holiday, and a parade but they don’t go crazy, before 1700 Irish just used to pray in homes and churches. Then come an era of Irish immigrants in America skipping the conventional way and innovate their own customs of drinking, dancing, corn beef and parades. Probably we are really far from the original festive and have infused so many rituals, that aren’t even the part of original event. Still you can shop and enjoy in a sober manner by using coupon codes and offers from Online Coupon Island.