Beauty / October 13, 2015 / By Laurie Murphy

6 best ways to keep you looking younger for years

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  • Never skip breakfast – Having breakfast as a daily routine is the first thing that you need to consider most important. Avoid late night dinners. Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Boiled eggs, dairy products, fruit and cereal are the best choices.
  • Don’t stay up till late night – It’s simply against nature to stay up till late night working or any other activity.
  • Exercise and fitness – Exercise and fitness should be regular but according to the latest research the twice a week hourly schedule has been considered the best for all organs of the body.
  • Liquid intake – Never compromise on your water and fresh juice intake. A properly hydrated body has more immunity and can fight many viral and other diseases.
  • Wash and shower – The ideal temperature for the water you bathe yourself or take shower should be close to your own body temperature. Make sure the water is clean and free from any kind of germ. Use of hard water is not good for the eyes and hair and can cause premature greying and whitening of hair.
  • Quality products – Buy good quality beauty products and don’t get into any experiment with unknown products.

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