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Beauty At Its Best

To create a successful company can be as arduous as scaling a Tibetan mountainside, and well worth the view from the top. Bruce McMullan founded Sibu in 2003 after series of the events, India where he crossed paths with a specialist in Chinese herbs and plants. In passing, this expert mentioned a powerful holy fruit, the Sea Buckthorn berry.
Sibu is on the top heights, Himalaya’s superior source of Sea Buckthorn that is the foundation for all Sibu products. This puree is totally natural with no preservatives or additives and a little goes a long way.
Sibu products are the best way to clear your skin with no dark circles, pimples, acne, lighten age spots, rough skins on face.
Tips directly from SIBU :
1. Non-inflammatory acne consists of blackhead and whitehead. You can apply lotions or gels that contain retinoid, topical or atelic acid.
2. Especially In women, contraceptive pills that contain estrogen can help clear acne.
3. from drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables also helps avoiding acne.
4. Avoid using body spray and perfumes on body directly.
5. If you have acne on your nose that means your blood pressure is higher than normal you should avoid thinking about things that give you stress.
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