Sports / September 28, 2015 / By Laurie Murphy

Better technology that’s going to help NFL This Season

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality has been recognized as the most fascinating NFL technology innovation that’s used to train quarterbacks. What’s been easier is that the NFL team will be using VR headsets when training their quarterback which will not involve any physically taxing practice of any sort through this remarkable simulation technology.

NFL Tech 3

Moreover, Virtual Reality can also be used with a regular game review. Now there’s no need to watch an opponent’s last game video, as the player can relive it on the ground with the virtual reality simulation. These two technologies improve the game and reduce any risk. What’s nice to know is that Buccaneers, The Patriots, Eagles, Cowboys and Vikings were the earliest adopters of the VR tech. Other teams are also in the process to adopt these new technologies as they realize the potential of it in improving football.

Player Tracking

While the fantasy leagues are getting more popularity, the trend by fans is to explore more about performance tracking than ever before. It should come as no surprise that NFL has now an Official On Field Player Tracking System powered by the Zebra Technologies based on Intel® Quark™. This system communicates through wireless tracking technology which the NFL has fixed up in every player’s shoulder pads.

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The RFID system and the wearable work together providing fans real-time information on a player’s speed, direction traveled for each game and the distance the player covers. Now fans can easily access such information through the newly updated NFL 2015 app for Windows 10 and Xbox One NFL expects that Zebra tech will enable teams to mine the data gathered by such sensors during practice and the game.

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The camera technology may not be an all-new tech but by adding cameras which are close to the ground makes it a clever idea. We must not forget that Football involves inches and getting the ability to have a better view from various angles would mean more eyes on the ground.