Miscellaneous / June 2, 2014 / By John Smith

Blu Cigs!!

It is my study that there are currently 2.8 million e-cigarette users, resulting in sales of $300 million. Blu Cigs, the maker of e-cigarettes that uses 100% USA ingredients, offers a huge variety of flavors. On the heels of an impressive 2011 retail expansion, when 2012 begin Blu Cigs where it left off the previous year, by boosting a long number of U.S. retail locations carrying Blu Cigs to nearly 21,000 now. Everyone seems to be jumping on the e-cigarette. But as moment in time passes and the industry becomes regulated, only the true quality brands will be left rank. Choose between the Premium, Original, or Premium100 electronic cigarette starter kit. Smart Technology alerts you when Blu retailers and other Blu smokers are. There are many other Blu Cigs offers and discount Coupons at OnlineCouponIsland.com that you require for any type of flavor. There is an abundance of categories that are provided which are Starter Kits, Cigarettes accessories, Disposable e-cig Features and many more. With the arrival of e-cigarette, all tobacco smokers are interested in switching to, or at least trying out this new, no offensive smell, no tobacco, alternative to traditional cigarettes. But many of the people still don’t know much about these innovative devices. And some are left wondering: Are they really smokeless? Yeah that’s right researchers estimated that 1.7 billion pounds of cigarette butts get tossed and every year. Well some of them end up in landfills and trashcans. But a large portion of them end up lining street curbs, oceans and accumulating in lakes washing up on beaches. Is it pollution? Whether it was thrown out a car window or snuffed out under the soles of a sneaker, just about every tobacco smoke has carelessly tossed aside their cigarette butt. So what’s stranger is that most of us do not think of this as pollution. We would not be caught dead tossing a candy bar wrapper on the ground or throwing our soda can in the lake. When it comes to cigarette butts we don’t give it a second thought. So why are cigarettes different? We dismiss it – justifying our actions by telling ourselves that cigarette butts are biodegradable. We all believe that they will break down and go back to nature. So what are you waiting for? Just type in your browser our website and through our favorite stores or you can easily type your favorite store , click on your favorite deal, you can not only amaze your friends and family with the best gifts on the favorite occasions but keep within the budget that you have always wanted. We assure that we can amaze you in the best way possible