Clothing,Fashion / September 27, 2016 / By John Smith

Lulu’s Bra Solution for Backless Dresses OCI’s Coupons

Lulu Dress has some of the most exquisite and hot backless dresses which you can avail at amazing rates through the 100% authentic Lulu's coupon codes featured on Online Coupon Island. Women are crazy about these dresses but are often skeptical about wearing them if they are plus size or their breasts are a bit big. Well today we are going to shed some light on this matter and tell you a bra solution, one all you ladies have been waiting for a long time. lulus-coupons-2016 If you’re a lady that has a small back and a large cup size then you understand the difficulties of wearing a backless dress.  It’s very difficult to buy pretty bras under a smaller price tag and soft cup see-through bras look really bad. Women that have a C cup size or above don’t feel comfortable wearing a backless dress bra-less. The point isn’t covering the breasts, that part is done by the dress. But if there is no bra then the shape of the breasts isn’t good and the support isn’t there. lulus-coupon-codes So what’s the solution? If you’ve found the perfect backless dress, one that you can get through our promo code and discount code for 2016, what do you do to pull it off? The answer is “Bare Lifts”. This little wonder accessory is an invisible adhesive that costs only around 3 pounds. They give your breasts a nice shape and the necessary support they need. It has a sticker on it, and it’s present on the top and bottom part only. You peel the bottom half and apply it above the nipple area. Once its stuck tightly you peel off the top half and pull the bare lift upwards. You then stick the top half as high as you want. lulus-discount-codes

So What just happened?

Did your breasts just defied gravity? Well that’s our solution. You can always see a youtube video of the above mentioned process because these Bare-Lifts have apparently become a big thing. Experiment with them and once you got it right you gso ahead and put on that sexy backless dress. While you can use this solo adhesive to try out any backless dress for more than 10 hours, some women still feel uncomfortable not wearing underwear underneath. Buy lulu’s strapless bra after putting these adhesives on if you wish to satisfy yourself. Start wearing backless dresses today. If you want Lulu's free shipping you can always check out Online Coupon Island, offers like that come out every other week. We believe you are beautiful, and every beautiful women should try out backless dress at least once in her life.