Fashion / September 11, 2015 / By John Smith

Can Gen-Yers save more money when buying shoes?

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Lord & TaylorAvail 70% off on Clearance Items Be wildShoes and sportswear be wild Discount Coupon: up to 75% off On Sale Items Reebok - Get 15% off (Sitewide) Adidas - Get 15% off When You Sign Up Sportrx - $15 off + Free Shipping Coupon Nike - Get Free Shipping on order over $75 or more Macy’s - Get up to 80% Off On Clearance Items! Shoes Pie - Enjoy Up to 80% Off Promotions simply follow the link Wallis - Wallis US Promotion: Up to 50% OFF on Sale Items Bootbarn - Get Up to 60% off on Sales Simply soles - Get 50% Off on Selected Sale Items   There aren’t many shoe brands that are a good buy for the money, especially when it’s about some of the top ones; Top brands can’t cater to every consumer’s demand especially the price conscious consumer, which means that the newer brands can take advantage of this aspect and set their ball rolling with attractive price tags for their products. Making savings even heftier this demographic can benefit from the top trending Coupon Codes as they’re also quite interested in buying products that have more value for the money they can spend. Reduced spending on physical products is the general trend these days which makes it easier to develop better offers from budding companies who set the trend with the result even top companies have to follow this wind of change to reach more customers.

Researching the Millennial buying practices

For online shoppers especially the Gen Yers (Millennials) who are the most rampantly active shoppers on the internet whether it’s about buying or selling products or services this generation happens to be quite unique from other generations.  Being America’s largest population segment with an over 80 million 20-33 year olds (1982 – 1998) this population segment is less moved with traditional marketing practices mostly used by the bigger popular brands. Gen Yers prefer hip events, social media networks, viral videos and the digital space where internet, media and e-commerce rule. Budding brands are fast adopting new retail technologies, though not all shoe makers  are alike, and which is a good thing, as different types of shoe makers cater to a different demographic. However, it’s not surprising that many of the budding shoe brands are those that are selling shoes at relatively low prices.