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Events / June 12, 2017 / By John Smith

DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know it’s tough to shop for Dad in general and especially when it’s his day. All the fathers are same, they just want to have good fun with the family while relaxing or watching their favorite team play. So on the hunt of fun and simple gifts, these are some DIY Father’s Day gift ideas for 2017, and you guys will love.

Wool iPad Case:

Dads like to keep their gadgets in the safe and secure, and getting him the readily available cases won’t have that love and sense of care. Take out the mum’s sewing machine and put it to some good use. It’s no brainer, only requires the cloth sewing machine and just a little design sense. Full tutorial is present at Polka Dot Chair, and she is just amazing. father's-day-coupon-codesPolkadotchair.com

Bar.B.Q bucket:

Who is responsible for the backyard bar.b.q? Dad obviously! Assembling a bucket full of some bbq essentials like sauces, tools and customized apron is “the superb idea” with guaranteed appreciation from your father! Just use the Wisconsin made coupon code to shop the supplies on amazingly frugal rates. father's day discount voucherCraftriver.com

Toddler scribble shirt:

You probably have a toddler sibling or for mums your tiny-loveable-creature can help you in crafting an amazingly artsy tee with his creative little hands. Only requirements; a good quality plain tee (any preferable color), some fabric marker or paints, and most important a toddler! Caution: your supervision is necessary. One of mine most favorite DIY Father’s Day gift idea.

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Jars filled with his favorite liquor:

Just think about the moment when your dad sees his favorite booze in Mason jar. No rocket science involve, browse up some crazy liquor recipes and enjoy the day with him. Enjoy the day while drinking and partying and saving at least 20% on supplies by using California Delicious coupon codes. fathers day discount codes

Emergency picnic basket:

Bring those useless picnic basket to some use and convert them to the emergency kit for your super fixer Dad. You can add tools, jumper cables, road flares, first aid fit and a torch. All these items are readily available at Sear and you can actually enjoy the discounted prices via Sear coupons.   fathers-day-online-coupon

The super mustache coffee mug:

While search and I found this adorably cute coffee mug that is flatly painless, it just something so simple but so sweet! Yaasss painless!! A plain mug and black paint are the only requirements. You can paint his initials or just write a little message totally depending on you and your dad’s personality. fathers-day-voucher codes

Homemade beer soap:

Beer soap might sound a little absurd but it’s a great idea, and if he is into personal hygiene and care then he will actually love the positive effects it has on the skin. The ingredients are natural and easily processed. Give final touches with attractive wrapping. Buy essential oils and supplements from GNC while using GNC coupon codes and offers from OCI.   fathersday-discount These are mine top 5 picks after scouring the entire web, there were tons of other ideas like customized beer coaster (beermat), leather phone case, personalized apron and tons of other stuff that he might like. Pamper him with presents and show some love, after all he is the super dad. You can shop the conventional gifts like shirts, cologne and accessories from his favorite brand by using discount codes, offers and deals from Online Coupon Island