Miscellaneous / May 31, 2014 / By John Smith

DL 1961

A new fashion and shopping store for all the Mens’ and women’s out there. In 2008, DL1961 launched in New York City with a mission to create”the perfect fitting jeans” . This business is a family owned and operated by individuals who have been working on all garments for over many years. It is because of their expertise in denim, technology and their massive global network of production. A unique brand to shop for. Get all the latest and unique outfits or jeans specially. Here you will find all kinds of body fitted jeans for men’s & women’s. There are certain features for DL 1961 like best seller, jackets, collection, colors, wax coated, prints, white denim, distressed and much more. As this is same for the men’s as well. A big collection of denim itself, skinny jeans, casual straight, classic slim, boot cut and some other. DL 1961 Promo code makes life easier to buy your favorite items and cloths in much lower by some extra service like shipping and sale offers. Initially they were developing DL denim then they moved into the next phrase which is dlpro fabric. It is made from Pro Modal fiber that is 50% more absorbent than cotton. So no need to wait now and shop today with team use in order to get obtain more discount. DL 1961 promo code help you buy these items in much cheaper price and you can easily get the discount code, promo code, promotions, coupon codes from OnlineCouponIsland.