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7 Mouth Watering Recipes For Easter

Easter is only a month away and we are thrilled for the egg hunt! Not just egg hunt but the lip smacking treats are the main charm of Easter. It is officially family holiday and families can indulge in the art of cooking and baking. Sometimes, worthy time spend with family is the most precious memories left. And when you know that Online Coupon Island is always there to help you out in the savings affairs. Let’s celebrate the Easter with these succulent treats.

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We are certainly looking forward to Easter just to gulp down the yummy treats!

Mamaw Emily’s Strawberry Cake:

Best part of Easter? It’s the official start of spring, making us go crazy for the beautiful fruits that we can enjoy. For the love of berries strawberry cake what tops the dessert menu this Easter! Relish the fresh fruity burst of flavor in this super delish recipe from Mamaw Emily! Mouth melting sponge and tongue revitalizing frosting is the finest match ever!

Recipe is available here.


This eye pleasing cake is super delicious too!

Traditional hot cross buns:

Dinner rolls and buns are the compulsory item at dinner and lunch on Easter! We can definitely vouch for this amazing recipe for the fluffiest buns you have ever tasted! This recipe is a keeper for any special brunch or dinner. Sever it in breakfast lunch or dinner, goes with anything as the perfect blend of sweet and savory is to be matched with any main dish! Find the recipe here.

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These buns are perfect for any brunch.

Salted caramel carrot cake: 

The traditional carrot cake has the potentials of being a star on the food table. The salted caramel brings the extra wow factor to this cake and cream cheese frosting is definitely everyone’s fav! The deadly combination of all there will bring you the star studded dessert to your table! Wonder where to the recipe? Well, it is here and you can easily find the latest coupons and online discounts for Easter!


This is the topper carrot cake you will ever like!

Bunny Butt Cookies:

It is one of the perfect cookie recipe for Easter in the shape of yummy bunny butts. You can also double the fun by adding some marshmallows to enrich its appearance and creating the fluffy tails.

Pillsbury.com has shared the recipe.


Cute little bunny cookies are hard to resist!

Bunny Dirt Cups:

This recipe is completely a theme of Easter. With bunnies and colorful eggs, it is a beauty of pudding perfection.

Azestybite.com has given this Easter recipe.


Bunny dirt cup is a fun way to enjoy your Easter eve!

Easter Chick Cupcakes:

This little chick-y cupcake recipe is something very cute to make for kids. They would surely go “wow” after having it. Recipebyphoto.com has given the complete recipe here.


Edible Paper Mache Easter Egg Piñata:

This candy and jellybean vault is not lesser than a treasure. It is something for what you don’t have to work much in Kitchen but have to wear your crafty cap for some artsy work. Infuse the fun of Easter egg hunt with this Easter Egg Pinata.

Sprinklebakes.com provides the guideline here.


Easter egg hunt reward!

Bonus recipe:

Lemon and Vanilla bean White Sugar Cookies:

Sweet cookies meet Easter rabbit and eggs. It goes without saying that it is nothing but recipe of the day to bring smiles on faces.

Annies-eats.com is guide to this recipe.


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