Finally Thanksgiving is here, the most wonderful time of the year. No wonder why we love this holiday more than any other, the yummylicious gigantic feasts, the cozy over-crowded homes and how you can spend time with every single person of your family. But there is one more thing to add in your list and that is “football.” And this year we are thrilled about NFL’s most exciting games to watch on this long weekend.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Detroit Loins:

Tune in today at 12:30 to watch this electrifying game between Eagles and Loins. Last week the Eagle’s defense was extremely disappointing, once ranked third by the Football outsiders, was brutally smashed by the Tampas. This game is surely a comeback by the Eagles after blown out at their home ground. And gear up to watch some serious game skills by Ameer Abdullah.

Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys:

Well this is going to be the best game of the day, both are the top teams of the cow boy squad. These teams will try to attack each other like hungry beats. Secondly Cowboys are sort of playing the same game as Panthers. Get ready to watch brutalizing running and extreme ball possession. Watch this game at 4:30 today.

Chicago bear vs. Green Bay Packers:

The last game will be at 8:30 between Bears and Packers. Bears will have a change in strategy, by bringing Alshon Jeffery and Matte Forte back. They will be going against Green Bay’s defense which is slightly off this season. We will definitely see exhilarating game when Bears offensive players come face to face with harsh front of Packers.

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