Seasonal+Holiday / June 16, 2015 / By John Smith

Father’s day: Honor The Person

Want to know why some people are strong, bold and can make you laugh or motivated? It is most likely that they were raised by a loving father. Fathers are a main source of motivation for their children. While daughters see their fathers as their first love, the sons see him as their first hero. People have grown up from being a child to a grown up adult after being raised by their parents. Though the role of mothers is often highlighted, we hardly get to hear about fathers. This is stark injustice to the man who played an important role in our upbringing. Father’s silent role must be appreciated The role played by a father is often a silent one which is why it goes unnoticed in our society. We need to make up for this shortcoming and honor our fathers. It is for this very recognition that the father’s day is celebrated each year to pay tribute to the man who has made a lasting impact on our lives. Our success no matter what, has been partly to the motivation we derived from our fathers in childhood. Without fathers we will be something completely different. So it is time you celebrated this day with zeal and vigor to honor one of the greatest persons in our lives. Why recognize the important role of a father Fathers are crucial to the emotional well-being of their young offspring. Being capable caretakers, they play the role of disciplinarians that is central to achieving success right from the early stages to our later lives. It is owing to all the support, affection and involvement that he showed that we today stand with a sense of wellbeing and good self-esteem. It is father’s love that has contributed greatly towards our cognitive and social development. Without his closeness, we would have never achieved academic success. In fact this is a relationship that affects us right from our birth to death. It affects how we deal with our friends, wives, relatives and acquaintances. These patterns of interactions that we have with your fathers in early life go a long way ahead in influencing all our relationships. This is why you see girls looking for men who would remind them of their dad. What they want is someone who exhibits the same behavior patterns as their fathers. Boys on the contrary will try modeling themselves after their dads. Along with waiting for an approval from their dad to do everything, they will also copy his behaviors as being something that is both familiar and successful. Celebrate father’s day with gifts This is the day when you need to come up with a gift for your father. When buying a gift always think of some gift that will leave a lasting impression. Cards and photo books are a wonderful option. You may also take him out to a dinner or to a spa. Think of the entire love that he has shown to you when buying a gift for your father.