Tech / November 29, 2016 / By John Smith

What is all the hype about Google Pixel? Here is all you need to know!

[caption id="attachment_4325" align="aligncenter" width="770"]google-pixel-discount-codes Google Pixel: A mere combination of suave hardware and smooth software.[/caption] Yes, this is exactly what I was wondering before the launch of Google Pixel. My doubts were answered right after the launch. Google came, Google played and knocked out everybody on the field. Pixel is Google’s new, first self-designed phone that is creating the right frenzy in the Silicon Valley! If not beating, then actually giving a real tough time to the rivals! Everything is just so perfect and timely organized. When Samsung is in the heart of exploding crisis and Apple is bashed for wireless ear plugs, every tech freak has his eyes fixed on this phone.

Google's confidence on self-efficiency 

After six years of Nexus, Google relayed on self-efficiency. From designing to engineering and branding to all the teeny-weeny details are done by Google this time . Only for manufacturing HTC is responsible, which is quite apparent from the sleek finish. By the way, all the talks about the camera is REAL! And cheery on top is Android Nougat debuting with Pixel. Life can’t get better right?

What makes Google Pixel so great?

Before I go any further, the price of Pixel starts at $649 and may vary from region to region or currency to currency. I took my time to understand my love/hate situation for this phone and here is a precise account of my take on this phone. [caption id="attachment_4323" align="aligncenter" width="625"]google-pixel-coupon-codes Google Pixel is a must needed Android Device at this time, when Samsung is on a rough patch.[/caption]

The remarkable camera:

What stands out on its own is, definitely the camera. The name of the device, sort of makes it obvious, that Google has invested a great deal in the camera. The camera is to attract the creative chunk of people which was undoubtedly neglected in the previous line of the phones. The camera app is fast, provides better control and vibrant colors. The standard back camera is 12 megapixel, best for shooting wide angles, and again this is another way of Google’s take on iPhone 7. Pixel has the highest resolution front camera right now! And that’s great, as we mostly use front camera now days, only drawback is no front flash light which Samsung and Apple has pulled off pretty well. [caption id="attachment_4322" align="aligncenter" width="625"]google-pixel-camera-images Sharp colors, perfect details, and good image quality even in dull light.[/caption]

The delicious Android Nougat:

Since the day, words about new Android OS was out, and all the tech junkies had their hopes high what has Nougat brought. Pixel has the privilege to debut Nougat, being the first phone to have the latest Android OS. As, Nougat has its perks; like switching between two apps, or running two apps simultaneously, high-performing 3D graphics and Doze on the go (battery savings mode). There is few additions and alteration in Google Pixel, for Nougat. It has the launcher shortcuts; GIFs enable keyboard and the Night Light setting. It’s one of the most personalized versions of Android OS till now, allowing you to set your device the way you want or like. Google pixel has and additional security check with the finger scan on the back. Yet another classic feature adopted from iPhones. But the device is fast and fluid as other Android rivals. [caption id="attachment_4320" align="aligncenter" width="625"]android-nougat-google-pixel The Android Nougat is all about multi-tasking.[/caption] The sleekest hardware: As mentioned before HTC is responsible for manufacturing the hardware, and I am a total sucker for HTC’s super finished phones. Same you can see in Google Pixel, not denying the efforts Google laid in the designing. The hardware is more approachable and comfortable, something you feel familiar with. The Snapdragon 821 SoC, 4GB RAM and 32 or 128 GB of storage. With AMOLED in both phones, 5.5-inch screen has a 1440p display and 5-inch screen has 1080p display. Both has the best camera to date, and Gorilla Glass protecting the camera and finger print reader. The aluminum unibody gives it the sexy looks, we were craving in Google phones since the beginning. And on the top, the flat back (no camera bump) gives it a more finished look. I would say, Google Pixel is stupendous in the looks department. [caption id="attachment_4326" align="aligncenter" width="625"]google-pixel-discount-codes Well finished and smooth edges with no camera bump are all the good ingredients for a sexy looking Phone.[/caption] Best part, Google Assistance: [caption id="attachment_4321" align="aligncenter" width="625"]google-pixel-assistant-online-shopping Google Assistant provides you more command and assistance than any smart services.[/caption] Pixel is the first device with Google Assistance! This technology is all about voice commands, which Google Search have used previously. Well this is something a level of Google Voice Search or in simple words it’s Siri from iPhone in more advance form. It’s kind of a robot assistant that will schedule reminders, set alarms, give directions, translate, and what not. The more you use it the more it gets to know about you, and more personalized experience you will have. Finally you can experience Jarvis in real!
Google has scored in both; hardware and software department:
Apart from not-so-impressive battery life (I was expecting more in the battery department) Google Pixel is an excellent device of current times, and all the hype is "RIGHT" as some of the features out smarts other android devices. Sleek design, amazing camera, newest OS and your very own Jarvis! There are few downs too, such as it’s not dunk able (the water resistance is limited just to light spray), bummer battery life, and no front flash. Still it’s the sleekest device up-till now. Where to get Google Pixel? It is currently available at Verizon only but that doesn’t stop you from buying this from other sites. You can easily buy Google Pixel from Google Store or Verizon and still use it on any other major carrier. Coupons for Google Pixels: Get awesome discounts from Online Coupon Island, on every purchase of Google Pixel via these Google Pixel coupon codes. AT&A: Get 25% off+ free shipping. Best buy: Get 20% off on your purchase. Verizon: Save $300 on Google Pixel.  Image credits: