Home Garden / May 13, 2017 / By John Smith

Latest home and garden trends with coupon codes

The trendiest and chicest home and garden decor trends that are here for a good time but not for a long time. So check out these trends and transform your home and garden into the classic place to live. Adding on you can have home and garden coupon codes from Online Coupon Island to bag some savings. [caption id="attachment_3959" align="aligncenter" width="645"]A small vibrant color reading corner in the garden. A small vibrant color reading corner in the garden.[/caption] In lieu of plain, patterns are the “IT” thing: Plain walls, fabrics and mostly furniture are in the trends but now designers prefer patterns. Busy living rooms, playing with different colors, styles, and patterns can bring a new life in your house. With patterns you can choose between geometrical, tribal, abstract or whatever is your choice. Whether it’s a wall accessory, a cushion case or the cloth of your sofa and curtains can be a subtle transition for patterns. Bring a little tribal touch to the living room while not losing your grip on the budget as you can use home and garden coupon codes for the extra savings. [caption id="attachment_3956" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Coupons The geometrical pattern on this bedsheet is really eye-catching.[/caption] Mingle metals and other materials: Mixed metals is another new trend that is on the rising bar. We have experienced something familiar in the past too but, this year is all about mix and match. Wooden top and metal legs, everything metal with a hint of ceramic, bringing extra flavor with colorful pottery. Gold, copper or even silver if it has a mere effect of metal incorporate it with other material to keep it going with this trend. You can head to target and find the most extra ordinary homeware that are not just up-to-the-minute but very feasible to the pocket. As you can use target promo codes 2016 to cut the cost. For further discount search home and garden coupon codes. [caption id="attachment_3958" align="aligncenter" width="720"]This is good example how metals are infused with wood. This is good example how metals are infused with wood.[/caption] Deep and moody color: Colors have been playing a vital role in the decoration of inside or outside of the home and this year Deluxe have announced the year of "dark and moody colors". Keeping the area or size of the room in mind you are supposed to bring the respective color along. The shades that are on the list of top picks are futuristic as well as some shades from the past. Pastel soft shades from nature such as green, beige, grey and pinks can make a room look spacious and airy. While vibrant retro colors such as brown, flash red, dark blues and even purples. Just create the look that suits your personality and cover it perfectly. Redo the colors and don’t spend all your savings by using home and garden coupon codes from Online Coupon Island. [caption id="attachment_3955" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Online-coupon-island This dark color is bringing the retro feel.[/caption] Sustainability is the key: People are giving more importance to value for money and whether the object they are buying for their house hold or kitchen are sustainable or not. This is the reason more and more of the shoppers head to stores like IKEA or Target. There you can get cheap durable furniture. If you’re buying furniture or kitchen appliance, the life span of the product matters. Keeping the durability and sustainability price is another issue, today’s customer don’t want to compromise on. Make every purchase light on the pocket with home accessories promo codes. [caption id="attachment_3957" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Promo-codes Light weight, less maintenance and good on money furniture.[/caption]   Image source: Domain.com.au