Electronic,Tech / October 26, 2016 / By John Smith

Nomad Items to Buy Using OCI’s Nomad 2016 Halloween Coupon Codes

nomad-coupons-ca Today we are going to talk about an online store that’s been doing exceedingly well on our page. Online market has very simple rules, in order to do well you have to give the best products & services. Nomad has ranked so high on search engines because of that. Their products are innovative and ingenious, their support staff is exemplary and their website is user-centric. Well today we are going to talk about four of their products that are out of this world. Get them this Halloween using our hellonomad 2016 coupon codes and save big.

Rugged Cables

hello-nomad-coupons These cables are braided ballistic nylon for abrasion and full tear resistance. They have reinforced RF Shielding that helps with fast syncing. There is a 2x thick protective PVC jacket that’s just overkill if you ask us. The wire gauge is extra thick, also the core is made of robust Kevlar. They are engineered to be efficiently compatible with the latest in charging technology. And the most important feature of these wires is that they are tangle-resistant too. You can these cables at affordable prices using our hellonomad.com discount codes today! hello-nomad-coupons-2016 The same cable is available in the battery edition as well. These battery cables have a nylon wrapping, MFi Certified lighting cable and a 2350 mAh portable battery. It doesn’t forget that it’s a cable, when attached it charges your phone first then the internal battery. This smart little cable has a status indicator which tells you the amount of charge left.

Key for iPhone & Android

hello-nomad-free-shipping What’s the one thing you always keep on you? Keys right? Nomad brought a smart and practical solution to this. The NomadKey is a key-like product that fits easily in your keychain. It is not heavy and that is why you won’t even notice it. You don't need to worry about throwing it around because the construction is super rugged. This product delivered right at your doorstep in no time using OCI’s hellonomad.com free shipping offer. It’s made of high-grade polycarbonate from Bayer, and in order to give it flexibility we use a stellar rubber elastomer from Dupont.

Wallet for iPhone

hello-nomad-wallet-coupons Yes you heard it right, it’s an iPhone power-bank in a wallet! You can buy this product at very low cost because OCI is featuring the latest hellonomad.com promotional codes. The wallet isn’t bulky at all, it’s convenient and compact like any other. The battery inside it is lithium-ion battery tech along with an ultra-compact circuit board. nomad-wallet-coupons This makes sure that the battery system is ultra-high density in a small size. It uses 01005 grade components and SoC microprocessor. This is how a 2400mAh battery, that can fully charge iPhone 6s, is fitted inside the spine of this wallet.