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The Shelving Store

Organize Your Space Better With The Shelving Store!

Shelving, Inc. was launched in 1960 and is now offering shelves and storage space goods to
companies and customers with the spotlight on storehouse and commercial places.

The Shelving Store was opened in the beginning of 2007 to convey trendy, convenient
and inexpensive housing shelving and storage goods to everybody. With the spotlight on
organization, comfort and fashion, they are all the time attempting to get novel and original
shelves for your space to remain ordered. They are aware of the fact that a spotless and
ordered space makes living a lot more enjoyable therefore they desire to make existence even less complicated and more fun by giving a huge collection of fashionable shelves at a rate that won’t strain your resources. Acquire all your favorite Shelving Store products with coupon and coupon codes from (OCI).

Shelving, Inc. prides itself in supplying quality, durable products that they would employ
themselves. In their shops, stores, workplaces and houses they all utilize merchandise procured from The Shelving Store. From the pallet racks they place their shelves upon, to the wall mounted Rail desks they work on, they make use of their goods every day and swear by their quality.

It is a small company which is owned and run by a family that has a extremely high
sense of pride and society. They are situated in southeastern Michigan where they have
experienced their fair amount of hard times. They have also opened two websites namely
www.theshelvingstore.com and www.shelving.com which have witnessed immense success.

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