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Health Fitness / October 23, 2014 / By John Smith

How Often Should You Exercise?

John Smith

John Smith

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John Smith

How many times should we exercise in a week?What is the proper exercise with regularity to be performed? This is to respond and determine how many times must the physical action take place? Before you begin, with the word “fitness”, one hears:


Bodybuilding traditional

  • CrossFit and Paleo-fitness


And yes, everyone has the right to perform physical activity with best frequency drive for results. Some say they must train every day to get results. Others prefer a minimalist strategy and do the bare minimum. It is suggested to join a fitness club or a gym today in order to stay balance and learn the proportion of exercise as per your body. For exclusive offers, log in at Online Coupon Island and click on coupon codes as shown.

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What do you prefer? It is a matter of perspective, motivation, goals, and the relationship we have with the sport!

In short, the drive frequency is determined by many factors, but here it’s about motivation and time. There is level of no success counted in any principle of keeping your body active and fit unless punctuality.


How many times you lift weights per week?

The training measured on a high scale is as 4-5 hours per week at a rate of 30-40 minutes a day, so every day except Sundays. Again, this rate is a reflection of my motivation, the degree of pleasure you feel in doing fitness training as a whole.

Minimum of training each week

Growth and gaining muscle mass becomes difficult less than 3 weeks. For a beginner and do not disproportionate goals, work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday practitioner is an excellent pace. A rate of 45 minutes each, that’s enough to advance , it must resonate long term. You just want to exercise to get in shape then the strategic training will be sufficient.


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Hope now you are known by the facts of how often to exercise or weight train per week. It is now easy to just join a gym or a health club and stay active. Do not forget to grab discount treats via online coupon code. Remember the rules of a good workout, intensity , progression and especially fun!


To avoid over training, also called the “Burnout”, leading to nervous exhaustion, stress, physical fatigue, disorders of sleep and causes sweet cravings. We must learn to be patient; it’s not the quantity that will be quality.

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