Getty Images in the world of digital media is mounting higher and higher. It is not just about the photographers now; it is a whole new deal with artists and digital media individuals to go forth. Recently, the agency Getty Images announced that now free 35 million photographs for use exclusively non-commercial region. Log on to Online Coupon Island and grab 15% off by clicking Getty images coupons.

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It is now possible for free to publish Getty images on the website, blog or social networks individuals or news sites to use. However conditions apply. The images in the format 594×465 pixels, can now be integrated with your page use as is already the case for YouTube, Dailymotion or Vimeo videos.

How to use?

When you integrate the selected photograph, a banner appears below the image indicating its information and copyright. It is not matter of downloading the picture to freely dispose of: clichés cannot be cropped or retouched or copyright information removed. The screenshots are not permitted. The argument put forward by Getty is that his images are already used daily without permission, credit or legend on social networks in particular.

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Getty can more easily control. Tracer photographs is also a way to gather data about customers particularly since the agency is also considering an advertising model adapted to this new feature! With this announcement, Getty emphasizes its ability to adapt to Internet logics. The agency is already known for the development of its digital sector.  Get Getty images coupon code to avail further 15% off on the use. It’s the dominant model agencies photography that has been redefined.