5 Valentine’s Day deals we are totally swooning over

by John Smith , February 12, 2016 .

The day of love is almost here, and our inner guts scream out that most of you are still in the picky situation on finding the suitable gift for your “Lover”. Well, if that’s the case then Online Coupon Island is here for the rescue! These are the 5 best deals for your Valentines of this year!

Jewel up your lady:
Women are just women! No matter how many times they pretend not to want anything but still they have this weakness for diamonds and pearls. Jewelry is the finest gift you can always present to your girl. Valentine’s is all about love for all your loved ones, so it’s a best occasion to shower some to your mum, female friends, sisters or daughters. Please the ladies in your life by using Jewel Jam Coupons codes, to buy the most delicately beautiful jewelry.






Dreamy dinner dates:
Going out on a dinner is mandatory on “V-Day”, one way or another dinner is always on the date plan whether you are home cooking or taking the love out for the scrumptious food. How amazing it would be if you get the coupon code for your favorite cafes, bars and restaurants? Avail the best offers here at Online Coupon Island.





Wardrobe on fleek:
Who doesn’t love clothes? And when you are getting them as a Valentine’s Day gift, it’s surely something to get excited about. Think about the dress your girl has been going crazy for, or the blazer your guy wanting to buy. But oh, you don’t need to go heavy on the budget, we have the best brands under the OCI’s umbrella. Check Lulus coupon codes, Timberland promo codes, and Hugo boss discount codes.




Take the love on a Journey:
What is more mesmerizing than you and your lover in serene plains or sunbathing on a beach or taking a trek on the mountains? Yes nothing is closer to these lifetime experiences, hold the chance where Online coupon Island is offering tons of travel deals just on the Valentine’s Day.




Heat up with some intimates:
End your awe-inspiring V-day with some intimate action, bring the closure with super-hot lingerie waiting for your love. Online Coupon Island is loaded with all the amazing underclothing stores. Take a tour to our “The Sharp Saver” for more interesting deals and offers.

Get your bae hooked up with amazing Valentine’s Day gifts and effortless ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day <3

The Pleasure Of Raising A Pet- Rabbit

by John Smith , November 28, 2014 .

Contrary to what one receives, having a pet can be very beneficial to the owner. However, this is a choice that still implies as a huge responsibility because, far from being a toy, a pet is as much like us, a human being who wants to be fed, loved and cared for. If you are planning to breed a rabbit, then here are some tips that will help you take your good choice.

Breed of rabbits to choose from:

There are many varieties:

  • Polish Dwarf Britannia
  • Aries Dwarf
  • Dwarf Colored
  • Dwarf Angora
  • Dwarf Hotot
  • Dwarf Rex
  • English Angora
  • Fuzzy Lop

Animals Second name is Love

Ideal master

The rabbitis perfectly suitable for children as it is a very affectionate animal that can live in freedom. However, the rabbit is a shy animal and very fragile, so it is essential that the child be accountable to the handling and care of the animal first.

Looking for a Male or female?

In terms of charm, intelligence and affection, there is no difference between males and females. However, females are generally quieter, while males have the disadvantage of out their territory, that is to say, the walls and furniture of the house by a stream of urine when they get to the adulthood. This behavior is purely instinctive; it is absolutely worthless to reprimand rabbits.


Want to have it alone or in pairs?

Buy two small rabbits: they are generally well together, especially when they have grown up together, and it’s even better when they are sisters.

The ideal age

When you decide to purchase, it is important that you must also take into account his age, because it should not be separated too early from the rest of his family. For separation without injury and to fit more easily to her new life, the best time is around seven or eight weeks.


Rabbits are exclusively herbivorous. This does not mean that only eats grass, but his diet is mostly composed of the fibers contained in vegetables, hay, carrots and seeds. The rabbit must chew all foods long enough to stay healthy because the animal’s teeth need to gnaw all day food “raw”.



Normal temperature is from 38 to 39 ° C. It is a very sensitive to the common cold, to heat, which causes heart problems, diarrhea due to poor diet, and ear mites.

A pet deserves a lot of attention

Pets need a lot of affection; otherwise they will feel abandoned or unloved. Search for Entirely Pets, Puchi Pet Wear, Pet-Tags, Pet Street Mall, Vet Shop, Dogids, Zoo Plus and more at Online Coupon Island for an exclusive discount spree.

Couponing With Coupon Codes At Online Coupon Island

by John Smith , November 21, 2014 .

Online shopping discounts as circulars, this is the new chic trend. It is no longer a sign of extreme poverty; it is a sign of moderate and smarter consumption. Marketing experts are studying the phenomenon for a long time to be able to offer the right coupons to the right customers. Online Coupon Island is the hottest destination offering exclusive coupon codes with guaranteed discounts including free shipping.

For those who want to learn the couponing:

At your online shop, you can create special offers for visitors with coupons and you can pay your affiliates as a reward for their work, they call such coupons to their own visitors. The coupons allow you to offer attractive prices to your visitors and motivate your affiliates to distribute more coupons.

Online Coupon Island

Black Friday Offers

Coupons are a type of banner, you can create unlimited (promotions / banners) for the same campaign. For example, you have a promotion of let’s say-10% discount and promotion of 30% discount. In each of the promotions you can generate a separate series of coupons, and your affiliates will be able to request the coupons for both promotions. Once a customer uses a coupon code received, you will know what this promotional coupon was for, what affiliate gave the coupon to your customer, and what country it was defined.

Online Coupon Island’s coupon codes are easy to use. You just have to note the offer, click on the brand, go to brand page as it is connected directly once you click on, and simply enjoy the desired discount offer. The array of renowned brands to stores and online retail outlets doesn’t seem to end here. It is all about shopping smartly, so enjoy this experience at this island.


Thanks giving Coupons

It is now swift to shop online and with massive discounts up to 80% off including free shipping at Nordstrom, ASOS, Puma, Nike, New Balance, Istock Photos, Getty Images and numerous more. So what are you twiddling your thumbs for? Pick up your laptops or smart phones and start shopping without any hassles.  It’s really a way to do that will save you time and money and also will familiarize you with the price of your consumer products, so it is easier to recognize the discount.

Hypoglycemia- Do You Know?

by John Smith , November 5, 2014 .

Do you consider yourself as ‘healthy’? Many of us do not even identify with this word and its actual meaning. A lean or average looking individual can not at all times well thought-out as healthy nor can you exaggerate a cubby one as healthy. It is all about internal body organ care including skin and hair as it reflects. Our diet plays and imperative role. What we eat is what it shows. This is was all on a lighter side, but do you have any idea if you do not take your health seriously- it can end up to a grievous take that is ‘hypoglycemia’.

What is this ‘hypoglycemia’?

Pump stroke, hungry, trembling legs and so you recognize you because it happens regularly: it is hypoglycemia. But there is nothing inevitable and you can avoid it. How to avoid it? The circumstances of the crisis aren’t rare at all. Hypoglycemia that occurs in people without diabetes is called reaction. The symptoms are due to a sharp fall in the rate of glucose in the blood. They can be triggered when the blood sugar falls below 0.55 g, but this varies greatly depending on the person. The symptoms are also highly variable: munchies, visual disturbances, sudden headache, fatigue, heavy sweating, tingling in the limbs, tremors, nausea, palpitations and relevancies.



Hands on healthy nutrition

React well at the moment

You must ingest 10-15 grams of sugar, which corresponds to 3 pieces of sugar, one or two fruit jellies, a briquette of orange or apple juice, or a glass of soda. Keep the sugar under the tongue allows it faster into the blood and thus relieves the symptoms faster. Fatigue can then continue, but you can return to a normal diet without increasing your carbohydrate intake at the next meal.

Prevent crises

Hypoglycemia often occurs when you consume refined foods, high glycemic index, especially if the food is combined with physical activity. Better to focus on the meal with a low or medium glycemic index (50-55 maximum).  Among the foods to choose, turn to vegetables, which have a low or very low GI, as well as legumes.


Make sure to take your multivitamins

Online Coupon Island showers its shoppers with hefty discount codes and coupon codes to be used at: Dr. Vita, Nature’s Approved, BIOGETICA, American Health Care Academy, House Of Nutrition and more that can searched on the spot. Make sure to eat healthy and keep your hearty free from cholesterol levels. Gorge on fresh fruits and vegetable to shun fried foods. Beware of junk food!

The Health Of The Skin Is Associated With A Healthy Lifestyle

by John Smith , October 27, 2014 .

What is the first thing you do to your skin when you get up at morning? It has to be cleansing for sure. The skin care can be a real headache! We must take into account several different aspects before we can decide which are suitable. When you choose cleaning products and skin care, those who agree with others does not necessarily suit you. Initially you should know all about the skin.

The skin, the shield:

  • The skin is the largest organ of the body.
  • Taking its care not only helps its appearance, but also to keep us healthy by preventing irritation, injury and infiltration of germs.
  • The skin also acts as a protective barrier against environmental stresses such as changes in temperature, wind, sun and pollutants.
  • Cleaning, toning, moisturizing and, above all, protect from sunlight are essential practices to its health and appearance.


Why clean your skin?

It is because even if they are not seen, there are many impurities that settle on our skin in the morning. First because of the intense activity that occurs in our skin while we sleep: the result is always the waste, dead cells that prevent our skin to breathe.

Know your skin type

Talk to your beauty consultant. Get it checked.  It will help your research because you will avoid errors.

Determine your concern

Whether the signs of aging, pigmentation spots, hydration, firmness loss, excess oil, brightness, there is something for you. So be aware of what you want to improve or prevent choose accordingly.


Acknowledge the ingredients

For specific problems, you should locate some special ingredients.

  • For dry skin:  you look for oils: coconut, almond, argan, and others, or hyaluronic acid
  • For aging skin: vegetable oils are great, the AHAs and BHAs, vitamin A that promotes the natural production of collagen are too.
  • For oily skin: it is the pomegranate that fights acne with its anti-inflammatory properties, or salicylic acid, highly effective against pimples and clogged pores.
  • For sensitive / inflamed skin: the cucumber and rose water are your best friends! Not to mention chamomile and aloe.


To properly care for your skin, start with healthy habits that protect it from external and internal components.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Eat well-balanced meals.
  • Protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
  • Follow an effective program for skin care.

Taking care of your skin properly can however seem easier said than done! Just choose the right care at the right time! Looking for online beauty range that suits all skin types? Skin B5, Carols Daughter, Sibu Beauty, Beauty Encounter at Online Coupon Island offers exclusive discounts and more. Happy skin care!

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