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by John Smith , September 1, 2014 .

To take pleasure in the weather while it happens to brighten our days even when the sun is hiding, here are few looks with the theme of color to go for this fall season. This season, Wallis US strikes the ultimate fashion siestas to wake up and join in hands that discover stunning trends for this fall season. And to add in touch of spice and sugar, here is Wallis coupon by Online Coupon Island offering amazing discounts for a limited slot. So get your hands on instantly before it’s too late! Follow the theme as below to pick the trendy look for this fall 2014:

Royal Purple

Combine purple and mustard yellow: unexpected but very “punchy”!  Camisoles with pretty openwork back are available in many other colors.


Wallis Dresses

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It is a dress with big print that recalls the 60s. Wear with bouffant hair and pearly lipstick! With such a color, it is ensured that the rest of the assembly is simple. Hunt for more by clicking on Wallis Fashion to enjoy fall shopping fiesta.

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Sea breeze

A striped T-shirt inspired by the sea and a fuchsia short: an unexpected combination, but “punchy” and adorable. The shorts are a bit longer, making it easier to wear.

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Blue lagoon

It is definitely a very comfortable look and “cute” for plus size women. It hides the flaws of bulky body. For several years now, the turquoise color stays on top of trends. We do not get tired, especially in summer; perhaps because they remind us of the tropical seas?

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Orange crush

What a color! Pick up a dress that is lightweight and perfect for warm evenings. The asymmetric side makes it interesting, and easier to wear. Accessorize with crimson accessories to brighten up the dewy fall look.

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Wallis Coupons Codes

So since its fall, it is time to play!Raise your hands as it seems that during this blessed time, anything goes beautifully contrasted as mentioned above. These are the looks for a cocktail or drink evocating the fall 2014 style spell. We are sure you have clicked on Wallis dresses coupons to blaze the discount clout.

Summer Magnificence Stands Out With Wallis US Coupon Code

by John Smith , August 1, 2014 .

Wallis US is the love spot for all the fashion lovers. It is one of the biggest online shopping arenas in the USA making waves though stunning designs, colors and cuts not just in attire but accessories as well. This summer season, it is about following the sizzling summer print looks and seize with various shades and modes. Get your summer dress at a glorious 20% off via Wallis US coupon codes only. The coupon codes are exclusively available at Online Coupon Island.

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This summer, bright prints!

Flowers or tropical prints are one of the strongest trends towards fashion this summer. This is the perfect time to dare to wear the most daring and flamboyant designs of our wardrobe at Wallis US!




How to wear a particularly imposing print without turning into bad taste?


The simplest and still winning option: one agency with pieces and accessories united and neutral. For the gutsier look, be aware skip the too many prints coming in all together. By cons, avoid combining two very intense printed in one set, creating a look too busy. We will arrange such a colorful flowered skirt with top thin black and white stripes.

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It is preferable to mix large and dominant motifs with motifs more delicate and simple to balance everything and avoid missteps dress. Finally, if you have a piece of clothing on the ground with several colors and you never know what to wear, just choose a plain piece that shows the colors of the print.To inspire you, at Wallis US are some perfect to add life to your summer wardrobe pieces. Get your Wallis US discount code to enjoy a luxury of 20% off.

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