nfl new rule 2015

Sports / September 21, 2015 / By Marcus Gearhart

The difference of NFL’s extra point rule now adding suspense, thrill and frenzy

The extra point rule has come up with its extra challenges for this football’s season, these extra 13 yards between the uprights and the kicker have been taken on as a direct embargo by the NFL team fans although today’s placekickers are really efficient but the extra efficiency required to make up for these 13 yards has simply added a lot of frenzy among the teams and their fans. What will really make the game more challenging is the climax of the game.

Excitement and Suspense

The rule has definitely boosted excitement in some circles. For some NFL fans who are cock sure about their team’s performance, they have shown more trust than despair as they believe that their teams can survive and win admirably in all situations, they’ve agreed to the fact that the NFL game had slowly lost its perennial charm and suspense in recent years. The increased distance would definitely beef up player performance and will even effect the post-touchdown bathroom breaks by fans adding more engagement by fans and audience.

Accepting the change

However, in 2014, kickers were hitting 98 % of their field goals from such a distance, in the given conditions they’re probably going to do even better with this all-new extra point incentive as they would be able to line-up their shots whichever way they want to. Early in the second week, we've seen it already that the players have adapted to this new rule. Reference to the rule change, if the defense reappears on a failed two-point try or a blocked extra touchdown at an interception, it will now be awarded 2 points. Whereas according to the previous rule the ball was considered dead on a failed try.

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