Beauty / September 1, 2015 / By John Smith

Wise Beauty Tips and big savings when buying cosmetics

Save UPTO 75 % MORE on Top cosmetic brands! At a Sephora’s backstage Beauty show in the United States, top makeup artists shared what they think are the most common areas for mistakes. Buying cosmetics at premium prices is what most women end-up doing, the reason being they don’t want to take risks of any kind when it’s about their beauty as compromising on that may lead to the purchase of counterfeit products resulting in skin, eye allergy or even more.  Good! It’s wise but what if you get the same genuine product through intelligent coupon codes that provide you the opportunity to buy your favorite cosmetic brands with amazing discounts. Applying too much makeup Makeup artist Vincent Longo says the easiest way to avoid using too much is to start with foundation, and then look in the mirror. If you need a little concealer, dab it on. Blend that with the foundation. Do your eyes and mouth, and look in the mirror – chances are you don’t need much blush. Makeup artist Miriam Azoulay especially dislikes a harsh lip line. Instead, choose a neutral color; make a soft line, then fill in your lips.