Travel / October 6, 2015 / By Veronica Carlson

10 Best tips to make your vacations more enjoyable

Organize Organize your documents passport/visa and other documents in a file. Keep copies of all essential documents in your shirt, jacket or pant pockets. Purchases Prior to your travel purchase all the necessary items that you would be requiring throughout your vacation. Buy quality products and quality brands only. Don’t take any chances as safety comes first. Skin and beauty products Buy the best skin and beauty products as they’re never a waste of money and will keep you looking cleaner, fresher and more like yourself. Vitamins and pills If you’re regularly taking some vitamins and pills that suit you, take them along. Shoes Buy shoes if there are any signs of fraying. Smartphone cellphone If you’re smartphone or cell phone isn’t working well get it checked and repaired. Don’t overload your suitcase Avoid an over loaded suitcase it makes travelling uneasy. Travel when you’re feeling good If you’re going through a bad flu, fever or any stomach/ digestion complaint strictly rest and put off any traveling plan. Reduce smoking If you smoke try to reduce it as it’s the best time to relax naturally. Be thankful Be thankful to the Almighty this will make you feel good throughout your vacations.

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