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Temptation gifts is a UK based popular gift retailer operating since 1983 and started trading online in 2000. When it comes to buying gifts and sending some special surprises to loved ones, Temptation Gifts is the place for you. It provides customers with a vast collection gifts, whether it is for home, kitchen, fashion, or children. Enjoy the special occasions with fresh zeal every time. We feel that when you have found a lovely gift, don’t leave it for a reason as little as high price. Cut down the cost and add to your shopping cart. At Online Coupon Island, we bring you the handiest online vouchers and discount codes to make the shopping experience fun and easy.

How does your shopping journey go?


  1. Write on your web search.
  2. Explore the website and pick a product, whether small or big. They have it all for your gift needs.
  3. Once you have selected the item according to the personality of the recipient. Click “Add to cart.”
  4. Enter the checkout, if you’re done with the shopping. Otherwise, click “Continue shopping.”
  5. At checkout, we advise you to redeem a money saving discount code so you don’t have to pay full.
  6. Proceed to check out after applying the code. If you’re a regular user, you may know that we offer free delivery for Temptation gifts as well.

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The best thing about shopping at Temptation Gifts is that you find a variety in products. It sells almost everything, whether big or small in its gift categories. You can add a little extra to each item by spending on personalized gifts. If you think that you’re paying a fortune for whatever the purchase is, get a voucher code and apply it on check out. In this way, you’ll never get disappointed with the amount that you pay.

Online Coupon Island’s saving tip:

You can always find a tons of ways on money saving while shopping gifts. The clearance section of the retailer is the right to place to start. Moreover, subscribe to the brand’s page on our website for updates on the latest discount offers


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