Beauty / October 12, 2015 / By Laurie Murphy

4 ways to improve your complexion this autumn

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Autumn is the time when we need the best in skincare and if done perfectly we don’t need to work hard on it for winters. What most women fail to understand is that too much cleaning which includes facials, exfoliators, blackhead cleaners do their cleaning job perfectly but excessive use can cause skin-shock! A term used by some of the top beauticians. Skin shock results in a rough surfaced skin. Don’t forget any skin treatment for facial skin needs you or the beautician to be extra gentle.

  • Use of facials, masks, exfoliators and face massage – Not more than every two weeks.
  • Day and night (Anti-aging creams) – Should be used on alternate days only.
  • Dark circle creams – Once in four days.
  • Hair care – Shampooing – alternate days and conditioners once a week.

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