Miscellaneous / October 16, 2015 / By Sandy Logan

5 fashion items that remind you of the 1964 Ford Mustang

Mustang Reminiscent Fashion Items You Can Still Buy!

Genuine suede leather blazers - Get 15% off on all orders over $50 from Big Man’s Land Dancing dress with white cotton lace bodice and pastel nylon sheer skirt - Get 20% Off on all orders from Wallis. 60s Hippie Style Round Peace Sunglasses – Get US$ 10 Off On orders of $50 above, + free shipping on all orders at best buy eyeglasses. Mini-skirts - Get 10% off on all orders sitewide from Want My Look. 5-fashion-items-that-remind-you-of-the-1964-Ford-Mustang----------- The Ford Mustang is the most loved car by Ford the world over. The phenomenal 1964 launch skyrocketed Ford’s success and the Mustang soon became a fashion icon for those who loved the fast and frugal nature of the first generation Ford Mustang. Today, even after 50 years the popularity is still on the ascending side and keeping this sensation alive by Ford Mustang clubs there’re some fashion items and clothing that remind or help relating those items to the purely Mustang times. Thanks to the memorabilia, old movies, popular all time TV series, celebrity choices and more we have great evidence that clearly indicates that style never goes out of fashion.

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