Travel / October 9, 2015 / By Laurie Murphy

5 tourist destinations you must see this winter

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Dubai the popular United Arab Emirates city ideal for luxury shopping, sightseeing and dessert safari gets even more enjoyable in the winters as the temperatures are quite bearable which calls for more excitement and more on the beach fun.


Melbourne, the Victoria capital city of Australia has some of the best picturesque places from 19th-century buildings to the tree lined boulevards. You get the best shopping experience, restaurants and more along the Yarra point. Weather conditions will be perfectly bearable this winter. (World Weather Forecasts) 5-tourist-destinations-you-must-see-this-winter--


Istanbul the Turkish city is again one of the top winter destinations for 2016. Best weather conditions, rich heritage and a variety of seafood make it the ideal winter tour destination.


Cairo the busy capital city of Egypt situated near the Nile River would be a good traveling choice for this winter with its unique attractions like the vast Egyptian Museum, trove of antiquities like the royal mummies. Egypt is famous for its culture and people are particularly hospitable to Americans, Europeans and Japanese. Food choices are vast.


If you’re from a warmer country and would like to get some really cool shivers Berlin is the place for you. Germany’s capital having great historical significance. Known for its nightlife, food and luxury experiences.