Miscellaneous / May 23, 2016 / By Veronica Carlson

6 summers buys to feel like savvy shopper

Maintaining a curated wardrobe (updating your outfits constantly with the recent trends and getting rid of outdated ones) seems really tempting but in real it’s wasteful and downright costly. Is there a way to style-up while staying close in your budget? Well, there is that you avail the coupon codes and discounts or buy something that is fashion frugal. Meaning the trend’s life span is not short and you can use it throughout the year. Here are the top 6 buys for this summer that won’t make your shopping a guilt-ridden experience. Floral maxi dress: Probably this is the 100th time I am emphasizing on getting a floral maxi dress. Why I am so crazy for maxi that has floral prints or just maxis or long dresses in general? A very good question indeed! Because they are all-year-long-type of outfit and by teaming up with accessories, they become a complete attire. Suitable for beachy trips, picnics, or dinners. Just like this pretty blue floral dress from Wallis. [caption id="attachment_3852" align="aligncenter" width="625"]wallis maxi coupons Image Credits: Wallis[/caption] Shop this floral stretchy jersey maxi from Wallis. Shoes that won’t hurt your toes or pocket: Footwear is one of the essential item you need all along the year. And while you are in search for the perfect summer footwear, I will suggest you to skip flip-flop section and move directly to the flat shoes section. This enchanting blue shoe pair is not only perfect for summers but shield your feet in spring and even early winters. Find them, also at Wallis under the name of Navy Woven Ballerina Shoe. [caption id="attachment_3853" align="aligncenter" width="625"]wallis shoe coupons Image Credits: Wallis[/caption] Navy woven ballerina shoe from Wallis. Classic sun glasses, a pair for the life: Investing in an eyewear is a smart move but if you are in the list of those fanatics who buy a new pair every full moon, then you are actually spending a lot on just one accessory. In the quest of finding the perfect and fashion forward sun glasses, I have come across these perfect aviator style TOMS eyewear. This aviator style never goes out. Mark my words N-E-V-E-R! Get them from TOMS at amazing prices and you can actually avail TOMS voucher codes from Online Coupon Island. [caption id="attachment_3854" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Classic sun glasses coupons Image Credits: TOMS[/caption] Maverick 301 Satin Silver Mirror from TOMS. Hats and no tails! Hats are back with the bang, and they aren’t any event or occasional restricted. If the weather is sunny wear a hat, if it’s windy outside wear a hat. You can always style it up with a dress, off duty denim look, or pretty little cute shorts. This Brixton flat hat from ASOS has my heart go crazy. This summer/everyday hat is a must buy. Woven cotton band and turquoise beads is giving it the oomph factor. asos hat Brixton Flat Hat with woven cotton band and turquoise beads. Chic clutch: A statement for a life time: This pastel teal cross body bag from bebe has my eyes set on it for a long time and then I just decided to feature it at least in one of the blogs. The quilted herringbone design is not a latest style but it’s thriving and running since quite a while for now. Initiated by Chanel now most of the brands has this style. You have two other color choices that are black and white. But the teal blue shade has a hint of freshness to it and I would like to pair it with fancy cocktail dress or a fun hangout jumpsuit. [caption id="attachment_3856" align="aligncenter" width="588"]bebe clutch coupons Image Credits: Bebe[/caption] Sophia cross body bag from bebe.