Parenting Family / October 27, 2015 / By Sandy Logan

Buying the Right Kind of Shoes for your Kids

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Buying the right kind of shoes

Does the Shoe Fit?

Construction of the toes is one of the chief causes of deformity in children’s feet, says the New Zealand Podiatry Society – right from when babies are put into stretch socks. Deformities may self-correct up to the age seven, but beyond this they are usually irreversible. Encourage babies and toddlers to go barefoot on soft ground or in sandals. Younger adolescents like to try out new experiments and having comparatively softer feet they tend to squeeze into even the most constricting shoe designs without pain. But what happens in a growing age that what fits when bought may get small as early as 4 months or less. Keep a thumb-width gap and ensure sole should flex along with the toes. Advice kids to use comfortable shoes in most hours of the day and wear fashion shoes on special events.

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