Entertainment / October 19, 2015 / By Marcus Gearhart

Great seasons, great television

Watching movies, soap operas, music videos and what not - Save money on these entertainment enhancing deals! Get 30% off site-wide with coupon code from TV Ears.com on wireless TV listening devices. Get $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping from TV silencer – A device which mutes the TV when a phone rings. Save 25 to 75 % Off on Most Items from Family Video - The largest movie and TV series videos rental chain in the United States. Coined first time by the US press, way back in the 1930’s the term soap opera has gained a lot of popularity since the last 70 years. Starting off as serialized domestic radio dramas in the late 30’s the term now refers to the most engaging day hour television addiction drama series that are broadcasted by CBS, NBC and ABC  America’s top 3 Big television networks. Some of the most attention seeking and highly rewarding soap operas have been the following 4 soap operas.

The-best-soap-operas-of-all-time-Some of the best loved soap operas of all time – Popularity figures.

General Hospital – Broadcasted by ABC. In one year total viewers reaching 3.421 million. (Data Courtesy: Wikipedia) The Young and the Restless -   Broadcasted by CBS.  In one year total viewers till 2011 reached 4.209 million. (Data Courtesy: Wikipedia) One Life to Live - Broadcasted by NBC – Till the 2010 season maximum viewers were 3.6 million. (Data Courtesy: Wikipedia) The Bold and the Beautiful - Broadcasted by CBS – Having an audience of over 26.2 million viewers in 2010. (Data Courtesy: Wikipedia)

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