Miscellaneous / November 5, 2014 / By John Smith

Hypoglycemia- Do You Know?

Do you consider yourself as ‘healthy’? Many of us do not even identify with this word and its actual meaning. A lean or average looking individual can not at all times well thought-out as healthy nor can you exaggerate a cubby one as healthy. It is all about internal body organ care including skin and hair as it reflects. Our diet plays and imperative role. What we eat is what it shows. This is was all on a lighter side, but do you have any idea if you do not take your health seriously- it can end up to a grievous take that is ‘hypoglycemia’. What is this ‘hypoglycemia’? Pump stroke, hungry, trembling legs and so you recognize you because it happens regularly: it is hypoglycemia. But there is nothing inevitable and you can avoid it. How to avoid it? The circumstances of the crisis aren’t rare at all. Hypoglycemia that occurs in people without diabetes is called reaction. The symptoms are due to a sharp fall in the rate of glucose in the blood. They can be triggered when the blood sugar falls below 0.55 g, but this varies greatly depending on the person. The symptoms are also highly variable: munchies, visual disturbances, sudden headache, fatigue, heavy sweating, tingling in the limbs, tremors, nausea, palpitations and relevancies.   [caption id="attachment_2772" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Health Hands on healthy nutrition[/caption]

React well at the moment

You must ingest 10-15 grams of sugar, which corresponds to 3 pieces of sugar, one or two fruit jellies, a briquette of orange or apple juice, or a glass of soda. Keep the sugar under the tongue allows it faster into the blood and thus relieves the symptoms faster. Fatigue can then continue, but you can return to a normal diet without increasing your carbohydrate intake at the next meal.

Prevent crises

Hypoglycemia often occurs when you consume refined foods, high glycemic index, especially if the food is combined with physical activity. Better to focus on the meal with a low or medium glycemic index (50-55 maximum).  Among the foods to choose, turn to vegetables, which have a low or very low GI, as well as legumes. [caption id="attachment_2773" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Free-Shipping Make sure to take your multivitamins[/caption] Online Coupon Island showers its shoppers with hefty discount codes and coupon codes to be used at: Dr. Vita, Nature’s Approved, BIOGETICA, American Health Care Academy, House Of Nutrition and more that can searched on the spot. Make sure to eat healthy and keep your hearty free from cholesterol levels. Gorge on fresh fruits and vegetable to shun fried foods. Beware of junk food!